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";s:4:"text";s:5445:"This makes the entire process possible to complete in one day . Did you use this or just a normal grout? Try not to get much grout on the tiles. In fact, using unsanded grout as your universal grout for all applications can be detrimental because structurally it does not hold up as well as sanded grout. While you can use either sanded grout or unsanded grout for vertical tile such as bathroom or shower walls, unsanded grout provides a better working material. That can cause the grout to pull away from the tile. We used one made by Armstrong, the same brand as the tiles. Some care is required if using sanded grouts on highly polished tiles, as the sand can actually scratch the surfaces. We too have fallen in love with the ease of groutable vinyl tiles however we are getting a myriad of mixed opinions on grout. If you'd like to create a higher-end look, you can grout some vinyl tile varieties to increase their resemblance to natural stone or ceramic tile. Should you use grout on self-adhesive vinyl tiles? The vinyl resilient special order tiles that we bought at The Home Depot were actually first used (tested, if you will) during our bathroom remodel.During that effort, we had done a lot of prep work to the bathroom floor in the way of installing subfloor in spots and underlayment all over. Start in … Testing the grout on sample tile is a good idea. Start on Time; This is not a step that requires a lot of work, but it is a very important one. But now you can buy a peel-and-stick vinyl tile product that you can put grout in between in order to make it look like real tile, without the expense… Not all vinyl tile is conducive to grouting. Once the grout hardens, the tile is fully adhered to the floor below. The main caveat is that all vinyl formats call for a smooth subfloor, including sheet vinyl, vinyl tile and luxury vinyl planks and tiles. Grout Right Away – Immediately after you install the groutable vinyl tiles, you can start the grouting process. Side note: you can get ceramic tile for $1/sq ft. Here is what you need to do. Tips. Hold the float at nearly vertical as you drag it across the joints. Wipe gently—you don’t want to pull the grout right out of the joints. Unanswered Questions. Go back and wipe it with a thoroughly wrung-out sponge. If you do not have a grout float you may use a putty knife to apply the grout into the grout lines. But vinyl flooring doesn’t look like tile. Apply as with regular grout. You can install groutable vinyl tile in a few hours and apply grout right away, another advantage over ceramic tile. Scoop some premixed grout onto a grout float. There are a lot of products that you can use, and we'll show you two simple and effective ways to clean your floors. Be sure to purchase tiles labeled as groutable, plus the type of grout recommended by the manufacturer, and follow up with a coat of sealant for the sake of the grout. With the use of grout, the tiles are very sturdy and there have been no issues with loosening of the glue or the tile shifting over time. Removing grout haze isn't the same as regular cleaning. Sanded grout is normally recommended when the grout seams are 1/8 inch wide or more, as the sand provides extra bonding power that prevents cracking. Use your grout float to wipe across the grout lines at an angle, smushing and smoothing the grout into the grout lines. NOPE, it’s exactly the same, except you should use grout made for vinyl tile. It is for sale at Lowe’s but NOT Home Depot. Next is grout. Floor rollers can typically be rented from a local tool rental shop. 16. Press the grout downwards and smoothen it to achieve a neater result. Much of the grout will overflow onto the tile when evening it out with a putty knife, so use the flat edge of the knife to go right along the edge of the grout line to clean up these areas. Working with a small section at a time, smear grout into grout lines. Just mist the tile with a spray bottle. It sounds like there are some vinyl tiles you can grout, but as others have mentioned, you'd have to use a special grout that has enough flexibility in it to avoid cracking. Afterwards, press it into the line between the vinyl tiles, while trying to avoid having grout fall onto the tile's surface. If you miss a couple spots, this can also be done once the grout has dried, but it is easier to do it while it is still wet. ... At most retailers, you can get 20 vinyl flooring tiles for between $10 and $30, and depending on the caliber of … ... How to install (and grout!) I used pre-mixed grout made by Precision Components which I found in Home Depot in the same section as the groutable vinyl tiles. You can't use "traditional" grout on vinyl tile because the vinyl is too flexible and the grout will crack. Only apply grout to between six and eight tiles at a time. Do not spread the grout across the entire surface of the vinyl tile as you would a hard tile. Apply the grout directly onto the joints of the vinyl tiles. If the grout lines in the ceramic tile are deep, you'll see and feel them under sheet flooring, and if you choose to install preglued vinyl tiles, they won't stick. I know they make a specific grout for the vinyl tiles and that is what we have used in the past but it’s a little more expensive and doesn’t come in many colors. When you clean up the grout, don’t use too much water. You’ll want to use a grout that is designed for vinyl tiles. 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