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";s:4:"text";s:3827:"Protists exhibit locomotion through cilia and flagella. 13. They are cosmopolitan in distribution and includes aquatic (fresh water and marine) forms too. Number of species of protozoan are 64,000. There are many species, of which the most extensively studied is Amoeba proteus. Characteristics. New evidences have been collected from electron microscopy, genetics. ADVERTISEMENTS: The following four points highlight the classification of protozoa:- 1. PROTOZOA - GENERAL CHARACTERS AND CLASSIFICATION: The name protozoa -- (protos means first and zoan means animal) coined by Goldfuss (1818).It was … Thus classification scheme of protozoan have been changed. It is mostly found in a freshwater environment. 1964) Phylum PROTOZOA (=ANIMAL PROTISTA) 1. Type # 1. These evidences shows that phylum protozoa has itself may phyla. Phylum MYXOZOA (now shifted to kingdom Animalia). The phylum consists of microscopic organisms in which all the vital activities are performs by singl e cell, commonly referred as single celled organisms. biochemistry and molecular biology –. A few organisms belonging to kingdom Protista have pseudopodia that help them to move. kingdom Protista → phylum Sarcomastigophora. Kingdom CHROMISTA, Slime-nets (Labyrinthomorpha) and Opalina (Opalinata) have been brought under this new kingdom. 3. HONIGBERG SYSTEM OF CLASSIFICATION OF PROTOZOA (By Honigberg et al. Phylum MICROSPORIDEA (now transferred to fungi). Therefore, protozoa have been given the status of kingdom. Parasitism is also observed in protists. The following classification recommended by the Society of Protozoologists (Levine et.al., 1980), the subkingdom Protozoa is divided into seven phyla: 1) Sarcomastigophora, 2) Apicomplexa, 3) Myxoz… (1964). The name Amoeba is derived from the Greek word amoibe, which means change. or in older classifications as phylum Protozoa → subphylum Sarcomastigophora. It ranges from 50 to 300um in size which varies from species to species. 14. Species such as Trypanosoma protozoa can cause sleeping sickness in humans. Phylum Sub-phylum Genus- examples Species- examples Protozoa Sarcomastig-ophora further divided into Sarcodina-- - move by pseudopodia Entamoeba E. histolytica Mastigophora move by flagella Giardia G. lamblia Apicomplexa no organelle of locomotion Plasmodium P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. malariae, P. ovale Ciliophora move by cillia The proposed classification recognized Protozoa as a sub-kingdom of the kingdom Protista and classified protozoa into six phyla. Entamoeba Histolytica Classification 2. An expert committee of the society of Proto-zoologists proposed a scheme of classification of the protozoa in 1980. Scheme of Classification of Protozoa: Protozoans, depending upon its size, habit, habitat or depending upon its locomotory organs, had been classified differently by various authors, like Hyman (1940), Parker and Haswell (1949), Honiberg et al. It is a single-celled eukaryote belonging to kingdom Protista and is a well-known genus of ciliate protozoa. As well, it belongs to the phylum Ciliophora. I would absolutely recommend this program. Trypanosoma Classification 3. Leishmania Classification 4. Giardia Classification. The phylum protozoa consist of about 15,000 species of protozoans. Protista reproduces by asexual means. It gets its name from the combination of "Sarcodina" (which is an older term used for amoeboids) and "Mastigophora" (which is an older term for flagellates). Amoeba, also spelled as Ameba, is a genus that belongs to protozoa, which are unicellular eukaryotes (organisms with membrane-bound cell organelles). These are Sarcomastigophora, Labryinthomorpha, Apicomplexa, Microspora, Myxozoa and Ciliophora. You get lots of support and tools, and you get to be open and share, but you never feel embarrassed or ashamed. 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