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";s:4:"text";s:2694:"It was very lush and in perfect condition when I brought it home. Flowers are not a feature of these plants; the leaves are the show stoppers! Psuedomonas bacteria can cause two different problems: psuedomonas leaf spot, and psuedomonas blight. With psuedomonas leaf spot, water-soaked spots will form on your plant’s leaves. Place your Calathea where it will receive bright ambient light, and watch its leaves move up and down with the sun! While this is a natural behavior, it’s not a healthy one. Calathea is usually confused with and closely related to the species Ctenanthe, Maranta and Stromanthe. If you are unsure about the lighting conditions in your home or office, read our … It's not very severe though, the temps might be a few degrees too warm. Posted by 4 years ago. Is there anything I can do with the leaf that snapped off? However, make sure to remove all leftover water from the leaves. The leaves feature purple undersides, which are usually not visible due to the horizontal growth of the leaves. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight though, as this will scorch the delicate leaves. Calathea rufibarba. I’ve had my calathea ornanta for a few years now. The tips on all plants curl down. Leaves are paddle-shaped, some have interesting toothed or wavy margins combined with contrasting light and dark markings. A member of the calathea genus, Calathea ornata is a tropical plant with broad, pin-striped leaves. A closeup of a calathea zebrina leaf. Provide a steady stream of water until excess drains out through the holes. They also are all pointing up instead of lying flat. Everything looks pretty great. The zebra plant, also known as Calathea zebrina is a lush foliage plant that sports large ovate leaves at the very tips of long stalks. Here are some additional tips for Calathea plants care: Leaves on your Calathea will get dusty from time to time. Plants look excellent though. The plant requires a fair amount of care and attention and won’t thrive in dry conditions or when its soil […] Hi everyone, I purchased my first ever Calathea plant only about 2 weeks ago. This is a natural, healthy behavior for the plant. Calathea leaves and other variegated foliage make nice colour accents “When it comes to houseplants, Calathea are an absolute favourite of mine - great varieties, textures and colours! The velvety patterned leaves with bright hues of green are marked with stripes that resemble the stripes on a zebra. Easy Tips to Care for Calathea Plant That Ensure Proper Growth. Plants look excellent though. About the Calathea Houseplant. A Stromanthe plant is a spectacular looking plant, but challenging to grow; definitely not for beginners. 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