Why Does My Vape Smells Burnt?

Why does your vape have a burning smell? Why does your vape burn your throat? You’re maybe chain vaping. Or maybe your coil is not primed, you’re vape is on high wattage or it has something to do with your choice of e-juice.


Let’s look at some of the top reasons why and how to avoid these instances so you can enjoy vaping without the discomfort.


Reasons Why Your Vape Smells Burnt


  1. Chain Vaping


Why does your vape have a burning smell and why you are experiencing burning sensations in your throat? Chain vaping is when you take multiple hits without stopping. This is common amongst vaper users. It’s pretty much a phase to most vape users. Since vaping is a common substitute for smokers, chain vaping is a tendency amongst starters and former smokers.


So what does chain vaping had to do with your vape? Well it burns your coil. When you chain vape, it spoils your coil. What happens is that your vape won’t be able to take much vape juice after puffs, hence the burnt smell. Instead of inhaling the sweet flavor of your vape juice, you’re inhaling burnt material from your coil. Why does your vape get hot? That’s also because of chain vaping.


The best remedy to this one is to stop chain vaping. This is because, no matter how much your vape is up to gear, chain vaping will just keep on burning your coil.


  1. Check Your Coil and Wattage


Let’s look at your coil.


The reason why your vape smells burnt is because of a dry coil.

First of all, priming is the process where you pre-saturate the wicking material with e-juice. The juice will prevent the coil from drying out and burning. Why does your vape taste burnt even with a new coil? If you chain vape and had not primed your coil chances are it will burn your coil. If you have a burnt coil your vape will find it difficult to process vape juice. Instead of inhaling vapor, chances are you are inhaling burnt cotton. This leads to a burning smell in your vape and causes your throat to burn.


Also, high wattage is also a cause of why your coil is burnt, hence the smell and the awful sensation while vaping. High wattage, combined with chain vaping can sure burn your coil. High wattage causes the wick to not absorb the vape juice while it burns the coil at a faster rate.


  1. Choosing Your Vape Juice


It pays to look at your vape juice.


Some vape juice contains a high sweetness level can contribute to burning out your coil. This is because sugar is highly flammable and could affect your coil by quickly dying it out. You better look out for e-juice that has a lesser VG concentration since these contain sugar and could burn easily. So more or less, even if you changed your coils but your e-juice contains a high VG content then it would still burn your coils. It is recommended to change to vape juices whose VG content is not above 70%.



Is it Okay to Vape With Burnt Coils?


No. You’re probably thinking that a burnt coil could not be that harmful. You might hold that thought for awhile. There are some dangers of smoking burnt coil. If you’re wondering how to fix a burnt coil, you are better off getting new ones for safety reasons.

You would always end up with a burnt sensation in your throat and mouth every time you vape. There might be an instance where you might end up choking on the burnt material and end up vomiting. Ingestion could be very likely when using burnt coil so you might as well just consider to get new ones instead.

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