Why Does My Vape Taste Burnt With New Coil?

Have you experienced having a burnt sensation with a new coil? You’re probably thinking that this should not be the case since you just replaced your coils. You’re probably vaping at too high wattage, chain vaping, using a kind of e-juice that easily burns your coil or just not setting your coil properly. Let’s look at these factors closely.


High Wattage


If you use your vape at a high wattage, it can easily lead your coil to burn because you’re vaporizing juice beyond the required capacity. When you vape at high wattage, it dries the cotton, which explains the burnt taste or sensation. High wattage is also a reason why your vape feels hot. And if you’re wondering why your throat burns your throat? It’s probably because of this.


The recommended wattage is around 15-20W. Although you can always check the specifications of your vape. Some vapes could be able to handle a bit higher.


Chain Vaping


Chain vaping is a way to overuse your vape. When you overuse your vape, it causes the vape to overheat and burn your coil. A good tip is to take longer breaks when you vape. Putting down your vape for a few minutes allows the juice to re-saturate the coil.



High VG E-Juices


VG (Vegetable glycerin) is often thick in texture and has a high sugar concentration. Sugar is a highly flammable material. Therefore, vaping juices that has a high VG can lead your coil to burn. Rather than saturating the cotton or the wiking material, it clogs it hence the vaping mechanism gets impaired. This is a reason why despite changing your coils, you could still experience a burnt taste and sensation when you vape.


Check your e-juice. A 70VG/30PG is the preferred amount for vaping. You can also try using a 50VG/50PG e-juice. You can see these specifications on the side of the bottle. These are recommended e-juice to avoid your coil from burning.


In relation to e-juice, you might also consider checking your vape juice level. Low levels of e-juice also contributes to drying out your coil. Be sure to maintain your e-juice level at 50%.


Priming Your Coil


Why does your vape taste burnt even with a new coil? Not priming your coil is the major reason why your vape has a burnt taste. Priming your coil is the simple process of saturating your coil and conditioning your vape mechanism. So always remember, when you’re replacing an old coil, prime the new ones. Priming your coil would make your coil last longer.


Here are the basic instructions on how to prime your coil.


First, put a few drops of vape juice on the wick holes surrounding your coil, then in the middle.

Second, you install the coil in the tank. How long should you let a coil soak? Soak it for about 5 minutes.

Lastly, start with a gradually with the wattage. Start from low up to your desired wattage. This is to ensure that your desired wattage can be handled by your coil.


How Can You Tell if Your Coil is Burnt?


How else can you tell if your coil is burnt? You can tell if your coil is burnt if it has a bad burnt cotton flavor. Another sign is if your vape produces a gurgling noise instead of a crackling or hissing noise. If your vape has little vapor production is a clear sign that there is something wrong with the mechanism of your vape.  If you encounter this, you may have to change your coil as soon as possible. If you still get the burnt taste after proper priming then you may have purchased a defective coil.


Is it okay to vape with burnt coils? Obviously not. So if you’re thinking of a hack with burnt coils, you might as well buy new ones for safety.

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